CoinDash Weekly Update  - Beta update, New tokens supported , CoinDash NEO joint development & more

Hello CoinDashers!

It is time for our weekly update, there is lot to discuss and announce this week so let’s get to it!

Beta update — following another week of focused efforts we are about to release a new version update in the coming days and present you with CoinDash platform Beta version 0.5.0. The new version will be packed with changes and new features:

The app will now be mobile responsive supporting small screensAdditional custom tokens will be added“Last Portfolio” and “Dashboard Save” featureFavorite portfolio featurePortfolio page new layout

As always the CoinDash app kept gaining momentum during the past week, we now have 7.3K app users and counting! This growth represents 1.5K additional users just in the past week showing a staggering 25% increase. The number of supported tokens in CoinDash app is now standing on 83, of which 11 new tokens were newly added to the platform last week alone. In terms of user sessions the stats show growing user engagement with a total of 5.5K weekly sessions representing more than 50% growth comparing to July.

The above numbers evidently show traders in the space lack a platform which can provide improved portfolio management and investment decision making tools.

CoinDash Beta weekly stats

New tokens supported — During the past week, we have added FYN (FundYourselfNow), XRL (Rialto), SAN (Sentiment), and many more! This week two new popular tokens will be integrated. PPT (Populous), and ZRX (0x). If you want your favorite token to be added, lets us know on Slack

Community Stats — Allow us to share with you some of our amazing stats related to our favorite part in CoinDash — Our community! Just 10 months after we started this amazing journey and a bit more than a month following our highly anticipated token sale, the CoinDash community keeps growing and currently counts over 12K members! Comparing our stats with other project media channels indicates that CoinDash is ranked high among leading projects in the industry:

Over 10K e-mail subscribers

Over 5.5K Slack members

Over 6.5K Wechat members

Over 8K Twitter followers

Over 3K Facebook followers

We are grateful for each and every one of our community members and consider ourselves lucky to have you guys onboard. We wish to grow our community and continue the constant engagement with all of you, thank you for accompanying us through this journey.

Bounty Distribution — As promised, we have distributed all bounty rewards earned by our community in the different bounty campaign during our token sale campaign on schedule.

A day after the bounty distribution was completed, the distribution of CDT to the Wings DAO foundation took place making the tokens available for their forecasters.

For the last time, we would like to thank all of the 3,000 bounty participants who took part in CoinDash campaigns and helped us spread the word about our project, We couldn’t have done it without you!

CoinDash NEO joint development and coming integration — CoinDash is excited to announce an upcoming joint development effort and integration with one of the rising stars in the crypto space globally and the first successful ICO project in China, NEO. Since our inception we have targeted the Chinese market as a major growth engine for our company. NEO (previously known as Antshares) is CoinDash’s first partner in the local market and will be one of the first Blockchains integrated to our ecosystem. More details about our partnership and shared goals will be revealed on a separate release later this week.

A new addition to our Dev team — Scott Yu is joining us as a full stack developer. Scott brings a rich background and many years of experience; previously co-founded Qwikwire, a cross-border payments platform. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and started immersing in crypto since. Scott stumbled upon CoinDash and recognized its unique approach to a problem every crypto investor have ‘how to better manage my crypto assets’. He enjoys working on the server side and crafting microservices. But he finds most joy when delivering intuitive experience on the client side. Scott is also the largest code contributor of the new calculation process we’ve introduced last week which enabled a 10 times faster portfolio calculation. Scott was previously one of CoinDash’s Beta testers before making the transition and becoming a full team member, Welcome to the family Scott!

If you are also seeking a position in CoinDash, Please check our career page on the site

This is it for this action packed week, see you next week!