Blocktix (BTX) Dev Update #1 - Addition to Services, Website, Development & Future updates

Welcome to the first ever update on the Blocktix development process. About three weeks ago we closed our crowdsale and in the meantime we haven’t been sitting idle. As you might have read in our previous blogpost we had to finalize the contract a lot earlier than expected due to the Parity Multisig exploit we, amongst many other projects, got hit by.

This meant that the timeframe for finalization of the token contract was moved up from ‘two weeks after the crowdsale’ to ‘immediately’ which created some issues with token distribution. We are now happy to announce that since this week, every token has been distributed to their respective owners, everyone that joined the presale and the crowdsale now has access to their TIX tokens.

The extra TIX we received by finalizing the contract have since been distributed amongst the community, giving everyone an extra 7.7% TIX from our token. Please check the address you used in our crowdsale to see these extra TIX available to you.

Addition to Services

Since we closed the crowdsale TIX has slowly, but steadily been added to many major services in the crypto currency sphere. Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare have all added the Blocktix token to their websites and now allow tracking of your portfolio both via web and mobile apps. Also, for those using Parity and MeW, TIX now works natively in these wallet services.

As for exchanges TIX is already trading at EtherDelta and HitBTC at this moment with a ether pairing available at both websites. From before the close of the sale, we have been working to arranging additions to several larger exchanges, this is a process that can take some time and that the exchanges themselves will announce if and when TIX will be trading at their exchange, including the trading pairs that will be made available.

Website Update

Our website has served us very well during the crowdsale period, explaining to everyone that wanted to buy TIX what Blocktix is all about. Now that the crowdsale period is over we recognize the need to do some big changes to the website as to create an information site for fans, artists and organisers. We are hard at work with content writers, creating content for the planned new website and expect to be able to refresh the website and branding in the upcoming month.

Development of Blocktix

Immediately after ending our crowdsale we have pushed the development of Blocktix to our first priority. This first priority for development is creating an ‘MVP’, a Minimal Viable Product. This will be the first release candidate of Blocktix and will be completed within in the upcoming months. Currently our prediction is still to have the MVP ready for release near the end of Q4. Below an example of one of these wireframes:

Future updates

As communicated in an earlier blogpost, we plan on giving bi-weekly updates regarding the development process of Blocktix. This means that every two weeks we’ll be releasing an update much like this one showing what we’ve been up to and how the plan is progressing.

Updates on the live events and other promotion news will be released when contracts are complete and we have approval from venues and artists management to release the information. We expect to give the official updates as we receive approval.