Blocktix Dev Update - Exchange Listings, Blocktix Testnet & More

Welcome to the 6th Blocktix Development Update, the bi-weekly update on all things Blocktix! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone that joined our community over the past week as it has been quite the week for us.

With two major exchange listings we’ve seen tremendous growth on all fronts of our community, with many new people learning about the idea of Blocktix. Before we dive into the development we have done over the past two weeks, we’ll talk about everything that happened outside of the technical scope first.

Exchange Listings

Not one, not two but we’ve had three exchange listings over the past two weeks! With the major ones being of course Bittrex and the soon-to-open-officially Korean exchange Upbit. Reaching the top 3 in volume on Bittrex (and top 20 worldwide) in the first 24 hours of trading made sure many new people in the cryptocurrency scene learned about Blocktix.

Meanwhile Blocktix has also been listed on RadarRelay, which is a decentralized order relayer built on the 0x project. Being a so-called decentralized exchange people can trade without an account and will always be in control of their private key. An exciting new way of trading and we’re happy to be supported on there as well.

You can find all our new trading pairs here:

Bittrex — TIX/BTCBittrex — TIX/ETHUpbit — TIX/BTCUpbit — TIX/ETHUpbit — TIX/KRWRadarRelay The Smaller Stuff

Last update we’ve announced our Move to Discord. Since then we’ve added over 400 new members to our Discord channel. Meanwhile, with the help of some awesome community members we have added several handy bots making the experience so far much better then Slack. If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so here.

Thanks to our new exchange listings our Twitter has been growing tremendously. In the last month over 1250 new followers have joined. Next to that our Facebook and Reddit have also seen good growth over the past month. Not to mention all our public outlets broke their visitor records by a lot, confirming once more our community is growing and more people are learning about Blocktix.

Next to that our new website is nearly finished. We expect the launch of the new website in the next business week. The website will be mostly focused on people outside of the crypto realm and we’ll start focusing on translating the website to other languages as well after launch.

A small preview of our upcoming website, geared towards event organisers and attendees. Development of Blocktix

Our main focus on the development side these past two weeks was the contracts and the User Interface. We actually got quite a bit ahead of the frontend with the contracts, so our focus is switching to User Interface implementation and implementing the designs made previously.

We completed the contract for cancellation of events, which is somewhat complex activity to perform as it has to cater for refunds, fee reimbursements and making sure that the event host can not claim any funds that don’t belong to them.

The ticket trading and transfers contracts have also been completed, which allows users to trade and transfer tickets peer to peer.

At this stage Contracts aren’t able to hold, buy or own tickets. This prevents the trustless sale of a ticket via a contract, which would bypass the fees which are supposed to prevent scalping and ticket arbitrage.

The pages that are currently being designed and implemented are the Event Feed and the Public Event Detail pages.

In the mean time we have started implementing some of the interfaces, and are preparing for the upcoming testnet for Blocktix. Our expectation is to have the first testnet online around the time the next Development update comes around.

Setting up the testnet requires a bit of work as the system consists of quite a few components, such as IPFS, the search service and an ethereum node on our own staging testnet. The testnet will serve as a staging environment, which is a first step towards production. When the testnet comes online users will be able to create events, browse events, view events and create tickets and have a first experience with Blocktix!

In Conclusion

As you can read it’s been quite the ride over the past two weeks. We are very happy with our progress on development and cannot wait to show you our first testnet version, and see people test Blocktix together with us!

In the next update we’ll also have some news regarding Phase 2 of Development. Stay tuned and we’ll see you around in our Discord!