Fund Yourself Now - Big Announcement - Soft Launch of FYN Platform on 5th October

Along with Soft launch of our platform, we have something else for you guys!

We are running a Community Marketing Programme where WandX will airdrop tokens to FYN token holders registered on our platform.

We strive to have a community marketing programme with all projects so
that FYN token holders can participate in every project and get the
project tokens just for being a FYN token holder!


What is WandX? Join WandX on Telegram and get all your questions answered! Have a look what features you will be seeing in this soft launch!

As the ICO market place heats up with thousand new ICOs each month, how can anyone with a great idea but lacking the expertise and the funding get in on the action.

That's where FundYourselfNow comes in!

Excited to see you guys on our platform next week. Do check out the features and listed projects.

We have more projects coming up soon!


FYN Team