Big Announcement-FundYourselfNow is going to enter Vietnam market with 2 major partnerships

Dear FYN community,

We are excited to announce that FundYourselfNow is going to enter Vietnam market by partnering with VinaEX and New Era Energy. And FundYourselfNow Vietnamese Website has been released today on 15th December.

FundYourselfNow & VinaEX

VinaEx is Vietnam's leading cryptocurrency exchange where both local and international buyers can trade bitcoins/Ethereum with the Vietnamese Dong and USD. VinaEX is launched in collaboration with major banks in Vietnam. FYN tokens will be listed in VinaEX in the first quarter of 2018, with Fiat Currency Pairing (USD/VND). With the VinaEX partnership, FYN has successfully delivered what was committed in the whitepaper of FYN ahead of schedule.

FundYourselfNow & New Era Energy

New Era Energy aims to be the biggest clean energy ICO at an international level, with an ambitious fundraising target of 100 million globally.New Era aims to build a global green movement, where individuals, green organizations can come together to build a cleaner world. FYN will be the sole crowdsale advisory partner and both local and international users will participate in the crowdsale via the FYN platform. 

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Airdropped tokens to Project Backers

As per our Community Marketing Program, we've sent airdrop tokens to the Project backers who had participated in the token sale of Genaro & WandX.         Read more >

are glad that with your support FYN community is growing and expanding
day by day. We'll try our best to develop FYN platform and Make Great Ideas Happen!

Best Regards, FYN Team