Gridcoin (GRC) new release version - Leisure

Keep in mind: 

before you upgrade, 

make a !backup

For Windows users specifically:                       

the new Windows installer is soon downloadable from here,

or you can update from within your Windows client

All other users (Linux, Mac, ...):                      

can find the source code here, OR: upgrade from their used location (e.g. package managers, once the responsible person for those package managers made the new version available)

Changes in this version are (more detailed here, changelog, commit 1):  

Fix startup crash for new usersMemory allocation fix for syncing from 0Tray Icon

Keep in mind this is NOT a mandatory (Windows AND Linux, etc...) release:        

the last "real mandatory" was: version (released on 2017 April 2)but... as always it helps us a lot when you run this version

Please tell us when you experience problems!        

e.g. in our bugtracker (forum, reddit, IRC, slack, telegram (can be accessed via IRC also), twitter, ...)