Gridcoin (GRC) - Wallet for MAC

For those Gridcoin users who still don't know (I discovered it several days ago) that new Gridcoin Wallet for Mac is available! I like it much better than PC version, also I'll keep it most of the time Online on my Mac laptop (to help the system and later for staking) and will use for transactions, as I work mostly on Mac laptop.

Here is how it looks:

When you donwload it, it will take you several days to process transaction history, i.e. 2 days ago when I downloaded it, it was 1000+ days behind. Right now when I'm writing this, I have 147 days left (of transactions which are needed to be processed), so soon, in several hours I'll have wallet up to date, and even will receive some GRC which I claimed from Faucet to have something on my new wallet.

You can download it here: gridcoinresearch.dmg

My New Gridcoin MAC Address is: S9s18HFXMbWRegQaaro6zbRGVXcMzaU2Z1