Bitcoin be aware!! Lee Cham Sarm, the Korean developer, has push the HPC into the operation.

The Happycoin has collaborated with the Korean partner in order to develop the Happy Coin Entertainment which is the foundation of its business in term of entertainment and services in mobile payment under a brand Happy Coin Korea.
CEO, Mr. Lee Cham Sarm realizes that the Happycoin, Cryptocurrency, would facilitate to develop the existing business. This could grow in the Korean market based on the existing group of hundred thousand members. 
The first objective from Mr. Lee Cham Sarm is to launch the HPC into the Korea Exchange Market. While he aims to create a Sunshine Exchange in order to serve a local market. Bitcoin has become more popular and attract a lot of competitors. Mr. Lee Cham Sarm stated that when the Korean market has settled and achieve an acceptable value, he would introduce this to Japan, Australia and China. This would represent the connection of group members and market expansion. 
The first target from Mr. Lee Cham Sarm is to push the HPC at the value of 8$. Then it could raise up to 100$ per HPC. As it has such a great chance to grow based on a strong group of existing customers.
On behalf of the Happycoin  Organization, Mr. Lee Cham Sarm has been officially assigned to be a Happy Coin  General Manager from June 17, 2017 onwards.