openANX (OAX) A Peek into the International Community

By Lewis Lin

With registrations taking place and tokens soon to be activated, we wanted to continue our Community theme of posts and talk about you guys. We saw a diverse group of participants participating in the crowd sale, with backers from more than 32 countries world wide.

We’ve seen how vibrant and enthusiastic OAX token owners have been. To get out and meet people, the openANX team held meet-ups for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in China, Singapore, and Korea. Approximately 35% of the participation came from the Chinese community (measured in terms of bandwidth). The Chinese participants are a positive and engaging group of people.

However, China is not the only country with active members. As we can see from the Bitcointalk forum, the Russian announcement page has also been very active. Although the Russian contributors only consist of approximately 9% of the total participants (measured in terms of bandwidth), the Russian announcement page has 20% more views compared to our English announcement page. Many blogposts and videos were created by Russian supporters and their understanding about the openANX project is outstanding. Our Russian backers believe that the openANX team is hard working and they love the idea of our decentralized exchange system where you get to hold the keys to your own crypto. They believe that openANX has a bright future.

In conclusion, the openANX project has seen great success in terms of diversity and the vast amount of OAX token holders. The community has been really supportive and believe in the ecosystem our team is hard at work creating and we hope to attend more events in the future to establish an even better relationship with our supporters.