openANX Community Pride

By Byungwoo Sohn & Kuma Chow

In our two previous blog posts, we talked about how our community is incredibly diverse with a large number of contributors. During a record breaking token sale, we passed the soft cap in 10 minutes and hit 15 million dollars in under 3 hours, however, for us, having a strong user base was really what we were hoping for. We’d like to once again thank those of you who contributed, and remind everyone that our Token Sale is still kicking. We really appreciate you guys!

To show our appreciation, we’d like to tell everyone that communicating and engaging with the community is one of our top priorities. We have the openANX bitcointalk ANN thread, White Paper, and other materials in multiple languages to communicate with as many people as possible. We also held a “Community Blitz — 5 Cities in 5 days” event, where the team visited Chengdu, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore to spread the word about openANX. Photos and a quick recap of the Seoul event can be seen in a previous post.

Also, Hugh Madden, Technical Director of openANX, answered enquiries from an audience during an Ask Me Anything(AMA) session on Monday night, cracking technical questions and resolving doubts. You can see it here.

In the future a global tour awaits. The team is committed to really working with the community.

In addition, we manage multiple Social Media channels including Slack, Twitter, Reddit, and more. We try to answer questions from the community as quickly and as accurately as possible. We apologize in advance if we can’t answer something quickly. Please understand that our responses often have to be checked by multiple people within the team. Thankfully, our efforts don’t seem to be in vain, as some people have expressed their appreciation. In the bitcointalk ANN thread, a user wrote

“Thanks very much ANX Marketing for your detailed response to my questions. It provided some good clarity.”

In response to our user guide, a user on Reddit wrote

“Nice instructions, no problems when contributing and tokens received instantly. Nice to have a working ICO for a change :D.”

Because of our strong user base, openANX came second in a poll asking about upcoming ICOs.

To continue and improve our community eng