LBRY CREDITS (LBC) Release V0. - 2017-08-15 Fixed Fixed reflector server blocking the received_blob reply on the server announcing the blob to the dhtFixed incorrect formatting of "amount" fieldsFixed handling of SIGINT, SIGTERM.Fixed shutdown sequenceFix error when resolving an integer Deprecated The API will no longer be served at the /lbryapi path. It will now be at the root.Deprecated send_amount_to_address in favor of wallet_send Changed Renamed reflect command to file_reflectAllow IP addresses to be configured as reflector servers, not just host names.Return list of blobs that were reflected from file_reflect Added Added wallet_send, a command to send credits and tipsAdded reflector keyword parameter to file_reflect commandAdded configuration options for auto re-reflectAdded option to abandon by txid/nout

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