LBRY CREDITS (LBC) Strumming up a Storm

We’ve already seen the benefits of LBRY for bandssolo artists.

But there’s so much more to the music world. What if you could not only listen to music, but buy tabs or lessons or film scores for your own movie directly on LBRY?

Acoustic Labs, otherwise known as composer GC Johnson, publishes a variety of music from furious fingerpicking on guitar and ronroco, to fully realized film scores, to acoustic renditions of classic movements like Ecstasy of Gold.

GC has scored many films and multiple Netflix series. And he has some of the most epic fingerpicking videos online. (The ronroco versions are my personal favorite).

Check him out soon on LBRY at:


If you're sick of Bandcamp or Spotify, LBRY could be your new outlet.

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