• HappyCoin For Happy Life.
    New Cryptocurrency Launched Today  

    is a Digital currency are designed to use peer to peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network..

    Purpose of development
    It will be a happiness  communitry around the world. it is real. 

    Wallet & Source 



    Coin Name: HappyCoin, 
    Coin Abbreviation: HPC, 
    Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid 
    Hashing Algorithm: X11 
    Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm: Simple, 
    Time Between Blocks (in seconds): 180, 
    Block Reward Type: Simple  
    Block Reward: 100, 
    Block Reward Halving Rate: 500,000, 
    Premine Amount: 10,000,000, 
    Total Coins: 100,000,000, 
    Yearly Interest %: 5, 
    Minimum Stake Age (in days): 30, 
    Maximum Stake Age (in days): 90, 
    Maximum Block Size: 1 MB, 

    Premine coin plan.
    1.give  for everyone  who join with the community  by  Happycoin Condition.
    2. Develop the system.
    3. Marketing to Promote HPC.
    4. Other about Happycoin Project.

    Official Pool 

    port : 3032

    Now  HPC  on Exchnage.


    Now we are on  Coinmarketcap

    Block Explorer :  

    Official Site  

    official channel

    youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channe...
    facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Happy...
    Line official: @happycoin
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/happycoin5  



    Livecoin.net  after April 30 2017 , 

    Coinmarketcap. done.
    Happycoin Exchange.
    Push the price up to $ 10  as soon as we can.


    Now We Have a Campaign
    Happycoin   Happy Songkran Day. Thailand

    Condition Get 100 HPC from Happycoin

    1. Vote Happycoin on www.livecoin.net

    2.Like  haapycoinpage

    3.Share  post on Happy coin page.

    4.Comment on below : where are you from ? and Your HPC address to receive.
    Such as : Thailand  HWRQNFxxcGMQDk7DA4PqjxYFVnV479on2T

    Thank you for your support.
    Happycoin For Happy Life.

  • Roadmap 


    Livecoin.net  after April 30 2017 , 

    Poloniex exchange

    Happycoin Exchange.
    Push the price up to $ 10  as soon as we can.

  • @Happycoin

    HPC ranking up to 314 on coinmarketcap

  • @Happycoin 

    Welcome Happycoin (HPC) to the world cryptocurrency will make our life happy and enjoy with us will be 1$ soon 😍

  • @Happycoin

    today we have a growth rate of up to 101.17%

    Wowwww It's great

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Happycoigood. Grow up grow upnHappycoi

  • @Happycoin

  • Excited about the HPC community and announced to the world know the strength. By shifting the value of HPC to global market growth. To step up to the top 100 in the MarketCap and want $ 1 per 1 HPC
    #HPCcommunity #Happycoin #HPC

  • HPC newcryptocurrency

  • @Happycoin

    coming soon 

    New exchange  for Thai people  HPC/THB

  • Proof Of Stake from Happycoin  every 30 day

  • New exchange for HPC/THB

  • Attention Please
    HPC AWARD 1,500$ for team or personnal to match HPC in coin market exchange 
    example: HPC/BTC   HPC/ETH   HPC/USD   HPC/RUR
    contact happycoin010@gmail.com

  • Bitcoin be aware!! Lee Cham Sarm, the Korean developer, has push the HPC into the operation.

    The Happycoin has collaborated with the Korean partner in order to develop the Happy Coin Entertainment which is the foundation of its business in term of entertainment and services in mobile payment under a brand Happy Coin Korea.
    CEO, Mr. Lee Cham Sarm realizes that the Happycoin, Cryptocurrency, would facilitate to develop the existing business. This could grow in the Korean market based on the existing group of hundred thousand members. 
    The first objective from Mr. Lee Cham Sarm is to launch the HPC into the Korea Exchange Market. While he aims to create a Sunshine Exchange in order to serve a local market. Bitcoin has become more popular and attract a lot of competitors. Mr. Lee Cham Sarm stated that when the Korean market has settled and achieve an acceptable value, he would introduce this to Japan, Australia and China. This would represent the connection of group members and market expansion. 
    The first target from Mr. Lee Cham Sarm is to push the HPC at the value of 8$. Then it could raise up to 100$ per HPC. As it has such a great chance to grow based on a strong group of existing customers.
    On behalf of the Happycoin  Organization, Mr. Lee Cham Sarm has been officially assigned to be a Happy Coin  General Manager from June 17, 2017 onwards.

  • Now we can download HPC Mobie Wallet  for Android system at Play store

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