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  • Humaniq weekly review Read about Humaniq on Forbes & download HMQ App’s new version!

    Humaniq weekly review — 26 May.

    On 22nd May, a pre-beta version of Humaniq application was
    released! It runs on Ethereum Testnet Blockchain which means that all
    coins remain not real, but now you can interact and send transactions to
    each other.

    You are always more than welcome to share your thoughts and feedback regarding our app on our new Slack channel dedicated to application only @humaniq_app

    Also will be happy to answer any questions about Humaniq app, our roadmap or hear your feedback at our forthcoming Facebook Live event TODAY!

    What’s more: During the live stream the winner of 500 HMQ Give-away will be announced.

    Forbes is telling about Humaniq this week and It’s technological vision of the future.! We are proud to share this article with you.

    How Technology Is Opening The Way for Financial Inclusion Of World’s 2 Billion Unbanked

    Humaniq coin is steadily going up which gave us an inspiration to ask our FB followers of what their expectations are for HMQ dynamics until the end of this year. Here are the results: the majority sees HMQ worth more than $1.5 which we hope comes true soon!

    This week Humaniq appeared at one of the biggest Blockchain conferences — Consensus 2017 by Coindesk. It featured around 100 speakers and more than 2,000 attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy.

    Humaniq CEO Dinis Guarda together with Dickson Nsofor (Humaniq chief business dev. officer) have attended this big event presenting Humaniq there. Please check the article on Humaniq demonsrating App at Consensus.

    Humaniq demonstrating biometric wallet app at Consensus 2017

    Don’t miss Humaniq FB live today! To join — just click on the main picture of the event on the FB page.

  • Humaniq Faces - New video-project by Humaniq

    Humaniq is a lucky project meaning that it has always been surrounded and supported by remarkable people! Some of them have joined our wide advisory board aiming to develop our project together in a fast and efficient way.

    We would like to asquaint you, dear followers, with the people Humaniq is happy to work or collaborate with. They are not only our board members but also various thought leaders, FinTech experts and scientists.

    To make you feel closer and to protect you from long-reads (when publishing full interviews), we’ve instead come up with the idea of HUMANIQ FACES — a series of interviews on our Youtube channel.

    To start with, you can check the video of Tim Campbell — public affairs and global policy advisor at Humaniq.

    ..or the introduction of Kumar Gaurav — the founder of CASHAA.

    Join our channel to check new interviews now! And of course we have many more to come! So stay tuned and meet great people with Humaniq!

  • Humaniq Games! Humaniq Faces! Humaniq Weekly.

    17th June.

    Last week Humaniq launched a new series of games in several emerging African countries, including Cameroon, Niger state, Nigeria, Lesotho, Tanzania and South Africa. These games were held for the target groups of Humaniq, mostly people from rural regions where Blockchain is still an unfamiliar technology. During the week from the 2nd to the 10th of June, 7 games were arranged with the help of Humaniq ambassadors, hosting games in their own home towns. These were mostly open-air events. For each game, 10 participants were chosen. Each person had to bring as many other people into their group as they could within an hour. The picture of the each new participant was taken the same moment he was joining the group. Also he was given a game banknote and a number plate.

    The idea was to imitate one of the basic features of the Humaniq app, where one can earn money every time they invite a new user. The winner was the person who managed to bring the most people. Small monetary rewards were provided for first (160$), second (80$) and third place (40$).

    So basically, the reason for arranging such games was to introduce Humaniq to the people it’s being created for, and also to get them acquainted with Blockchain.

    In the next few days I’ll be getting the videos of the games as well as reports from our ambassadors, and will share them with you then. Whilst you can watch Alex Fork telling about Humaniq game in India!

    We used to say that Humaniq is made for 2 billion of unbanked. But does this mean that the rest of 5 billions of the world’s population never know what poverty is? Of course — not. Over 3 billion people — that is almost half the world — live on less than $2.50 a day and at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. This leaves no hesitation that the financial inclusion needs to be improved as soon as possible. But why is it so difficult to achieve more and what are the obstacles that need to be overcomed? Unsurprisingly, regulation is one of them.

    To learn more, please check an article on Planet Compliance:

    The (regulatory) challenges for Financial Inclusion and how FinTechs help overcome them - Planet…

    This week we’ve released several new episodes of the Humaniq faces project!

    Among them is an interview with Jonathan Fry, co-founder of the TeamBlockchain project, as well as Dickson Nsofor, Chief development officer for Humaniq, and Nana Ocran — editor, writer and Humaniq ambassador.

    This is an interview with Katerina Elisarova, international model and actress, as well as Humaniq advisor.

    ou can check other videos with Humaniq meeting great people on our Youtube channel.
    Humaniq ICO highlighted in top ICOs Infographic!
    Humaniq has been highlighted as one of the most successful initial coin offerings by the leading FinTech


    Anna Kulikova

    Humaniq PR manager

  • Humaniq CEO Participates in Fintech Exclusive Event in Cambridge.

    Humaniq has spoken at a gathering of the cryptocurrency world’s key players. It was held to hear findings from an influential Cambridge economist on the increasing impact of the digital money.

    The event, held by the Cambridge Network, which brings together academics and entrepreneurs from the city’s booming high-tech sector, heard how cryptocurrency is now worth $40bn globally, and growing. Dr Garrick Hileman, ranked in the top 100 most influential economists in the UK and Ireland, said in the 14th June event’s keynote address that the data shows the significant economic impact cryptocurrency now has.

    Hileman, a research fellow at Cambridge’s Centre for Alternative Finance, set out the findings from the first comprehensive worldwide study of cryptocurrency in his keynote, The Growing Significance of Cryptocurrencies, sponsored by Citi Bank.

    Dr. Garrick Hileman

    He told the entrepreneurs and investors behind startups at the forefront of fintech that an estimated 3 million people now use alternative money, and cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are gaining traction and increasing market share in the $40bn market.

    Dinis Guarda, CEO of Humaniq, another key player speaking on a panel of start-ups, as a cryptocurrency in the top ten by market valuation. He underlined to those gathered the importance of cryptocurrency in supporting new, decentralised, economic activity.

    Dinis Guarda

    Guarda spoke of Humaniq’s road map for the coming months, and gave a glimpse into the much-anticipated use of the Blockchain: putting it to social good, with measurable impact in opening up banking to the world’s 2 billion unbanked.

    Dinis Guarda, CEO Humaniq:

    “Blockchain can be considered as the Internet 2.0, it is rapidly changing the way business is conducted, and how people, governments and businesses operate and go about adding value to the daily lives of individuals. It will not be a surprise if practically all areas of daily life are touched by the Blockchain in the near-future.”

    Humaniq plans to continue connecting with the fintech sector in Cambridge, with members invited to speak at several more upcoming events, the next at the Judge Business School in July. Humaniq will also be partnering with various networks, institutes and startups on future events around the Blockchain, cryptocurrency and tech for social good and the future of social innovation.

  • Humaniq: more communication, less Internet traffic. (Case #8)

    (Cases of How Humaniq can be used in the future)

    Smartphones can be liberating, especially with an app that gives free banking services to the unbanked. But the cost of using them can be prohibitive in emerging economies.

    Our mission is to provide banking for everybody and cryptocurrency for the many. There is a huge opportunity to improve the lives of those forced to pay exorbitant fees when they make any financial transaction. Smartphone technology makes this possible. We want to go further. We want to bring down even more costs that act as a barrier to so many improving their lives.

    That is why our developers working on our app for launch in August have found a way to bring down the cost of that technology for people in the Global South. For example, we are working to give our users a chat system that does not require large and expensive amounts of data.

    Kwanzulu — Natal, Africa.

    Research ICT Africa found that 1GB of data cost more than $5 in 30 Africa countries and over $10 in 15 of these, and people in South Africa spending on average a fifth of their incomes on data as they use more services. Applications for chatting are a big contributor to these costs.

    The chat system that comes with the Humaniq app will change all that. It is a decentralised chat system, which means unlike with messaging apps, the messages are encrypted and not running from a centralised server. In contrast, Humaniq provides decentralised chatting, as well as decentralised banking, so users own their data and their conversation and transactions are private.

    The potential disadvantage, however, is that synchronising with the Blockchain could eat 300MB of data per month.Our developers, however, have come up with an elegant solution. They are keeping the interface simple with an ‘abstraction layer’ above the chat library that means that messages requires no more than 10MB of data a month.

    And the Humaniq app chat will provide the full functionality of other chat apps, including file transfer and audio memos, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Also to pursue our democratic mission, our in-app chat uses a text-to-speech and speech-to-text system that supports 10 languages for people who cannot read. Reducing complexity and reducing costs are both vital to expanding access to the digital economy so that people can more easily earn, receive and borrow money. We are excited by the possibilities the app will open up for so many people. Watch this space for further updates on the development of the Humaniq app ahead of the launch.

  • Humaniq (HMQ) Exchange Update:

    Humaniq Coin [HMQ] is listed:
    Humaniq Dice:

  • Humaniq (HMQ) Community Ambassador Contest!

    At Humaniq, we are passionate about our mission to bring banking to the 2bn people around the world who are currently shut out of financial services. Do you share our passion for financial inclusion and technology for good? Are you keen on telling others about new projects involving them in new possibilities?

    If you are, and you would like to help us inspire and educate people about the possibilities of bringing banking to everybody, now is your chance!

    On 28th of June we are launching the ambassador contest . We are looking for two ambassadors (one male, one female) to represent Humaniq on social media and to communicate what we are doing and how people can help us. Your mission will be to talk about how the world and people’s lives can be changed for the better by tapping into the power of Blockchain technologies.

    Want to be considered for this opportunity? If so, please record a 1-minute video of yourself, telling us how you feel about changing the world through technology, and what Humaniq’s role is in contributing to that change.

    Please make sure you type #humaniqcontest without a spacebar! If you make a mistake in hashtag, we will never find your video.  Please publish it until 30th July at your account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

    Winners will be decided on 4th of August and will be announced 4 days later .

    Each of 2 winners, besides becoming the Humaniq ambassadors, will receive Humaniq-branded Android smartphone.

    Don’t hesitate to take part! We are waiting for you joining us in Humaniq mission!

  • Humaniq Launches 1st Monthly Meetup in Rise Accelerator London, UK

    Humaniq HQ1 on 26th July 2017 will be the first of a series of monthly meetups for its fast-growing global community

    Humaniq HQ1 will be a monthly series of meetups launched in key sites across the globe dedicated to the startup’s fast-growing global community. For its first meetup Humaniq has launched an invitation to London’s flourishing Fintech, Blockchain and financial inclusion community to join us at our new monthly event we are holding to inform and involve others working in the sector in the products we are developing.

    Leaders in these fields from across the globe will be invited to join Humaniq team members in discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by technology and Blockchain for social good and the objective of bringing 2.5bn unbanked people into the 21st Century digital economy.

    The invitation comes at an exciting time for the company, as Humaniq launches its Blockchain-based, biometric financial inclusion Humaniq Lite App for its target audience, and its cryptocurrency token HMQ will be placed in the hands of people who are currently shut out of the digital economy.

    The first monthly Meetup will be held on Wednesday 26th July at Rise London, a cutting edge Fintech accelerator, and will start with a presentation on the Humaniq Lite App new product and with a special session with special with the theme: ‘Blockchain for Social Good’. Humaniq uses Blockchain and biometric technology to solve the problem of opening up access to financial services in regions where traditional banks have not access to any financial integration, partly because people lack formal methods of identification.

    Rise London, powered by Barclays, is Europe’s largest Fintech startup space and incubator in the heart of London’s tech quarter of Shoreditch, and home to over 40 Fintech companies. Humaniq, like Rise London, believes in collaboration and the Humaniq app, launching at the end of the month, is designed so that partners can provide services on our platform, with an open source API available for startups to access the large, untapped market of the unbanked.

    In 2018, Humaniq plan to provide the unbanked opportunities to borrow, to get insurance, and to earn through our app, all powered by the HMQ tokens, a new social impact cryptocurrency for the many. Humaniq wants to instigate dialogues and a forum open to fresh ideas as it launches its app product offering and open up this massive untapped market for financial inclusion services across the globe whilst allowing people in the emergent markets to increase incomes and improve their lives.

    At the first Humaniq Meetup, you will hear from Dinis Guarda, Humaniq CEO and founder, listed as in the top 10% most influential people in Fintech, present the global roll out of the startup’s product and strategy, while the Humaniq team and high-profile special guests will discuss strategies and ideas on how to operationalise Blockchain for Good and use biometric technology for financial inclusion.


    Humaniq top level roadmap presentation — Dinis Guarda, CEO, Strategy, Co- Founder

    The Humaniq Lite app product presentation — Anton Mozgovoy, VP Technology

    Marketing and operations — Zeeshan Mallick, CMO

    Humaniq Africa Pilot — Ghana — Dickson Nsofor, VP Business Development

    Investor Relations — Valeriya Zaychuk, VP Investor Relations

    A session on ‘Blockchain for Good’ with special guest speakers:

    Katia Elizarova, Fashion model and Kiva ambassador

    Nana Ocran, a London-based writer specialising in contemporary African culture

    Tim Campbell, Social entrepreneur behind the Bright Ideas Trust, and a winner of The Apprentice

    Thomas Power, Entrepreneur, Board member and leading Digital / Blockchain author / influencer

    The first Humaniq Meetup is at 6.30pm on 26th July at Rise London, 41 Luke Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4DP.

    Please get your tickets HERE

  • Humaniq to Launch Financial Inclusion App-Lite

    In Debut Meetup at Rise Accelerator (London) on 26th of July 2017

    Humaniq launches its Blockchain-powered financial inclusion app while starting its first global meetup in London at the Rise London, a cutting edge Fintech accelerator powered by Barclays.

    This announcement comes two months after Humaniq’s social impact ICO. The product app, launching at the end of July, will give the world’s 2bn+ unbanked people the chance to start making payments with low fees, using simple biometric tech and a simple-to-use UI crypto wallet.

    The Humaniq ‘LITE’ version of the app comes out on Android on the 31st of July and will be the focus of a pilot program getting underway in Ghana, West Africa. It will be the first time HMQ tokens, the Humaniq coin, will become available to people downloading the app who register using its IP biometric identification.

    The current application was developed specifically for Humaniq’s target market: the 2.5bn unbanked people in emerging markets. The application interface has minimal text, access is through biometrics and a visual language. All non-critical settings have been removed.

    A ‘PRO’ version of the Humaniq app will be launched later in the year, will be available in iOS and Android, and will have a full range of features for a wider audience.

    Humaniq App Main Features

    1. The Humaniq LITE application is based on four main sections:
    2. Biometric identification
    3. Chat system
    4. Contacts (Referral) system
    5. Wallet system

    The app allows a user to send funds and to request funds in different ways:

    • By selecting a user from the contact book
    • By scanning a QR code
    • By entering a phone number. In this case, even if a user doesn’t use Humaniq, they will receive a text message with the weblink where they can collect their payment in HMQ

    The app also allows users to change the phone number (with phone validation), to change profile pictures, which must be validated, and to change passcodes.

    The Humaniq team — management and developers — have been working 24/7 to provide a simple fintech interface with little text, and the option of voice control, so that the app is widely accessible, including people who cannot read and write. The app requires only a 10MB download, conscious that data for smartphones can cost at least a third of a minimum monthly wage in emergent countries.

    Dinis Guarda, CEO of Humaniq, commented:

    “We want to tear down barriers to making simple financial transactions for people who have not been offered services by traditional financial players. With this in mind, the Humaniq lite app offers almost zero-cost transaction financial inclusion solutions. It is easy to use: you simply need a smartphone number of the person you are sending money to.”

    Anton Mozgovoy, Humaniq Technology Director said:

    “The new app offers a Blockchain and biometric solution that will give users a chat system alongside their wallet that consumes less data than messaging apps, making contacting people and sending them money cheaper and easier. While having the security of the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem.”

    Humaniq is launching a new website at the same time, providing a wealth of information about Humaniq and its product rollout. The website also offers documentation on how to use the app to its full potential, and will allow users to access all this offline once it is downloaded.

    Humaniq will announce its financial inclusion app product road map for the next 6 months and how to unleash it in key emerging markets where many people stand to benefit. The first pilot will start with Ghana, specifically targeting women entrepreneurs, universities and workers in major low-income areas in the metropolitan area of the 4m+ people capital of Accra.

    This is an exciting moment in the seven-month story of Humaniq. And payments and chatting are only the start of what we are offering. Humaniq is creating a complete decentralised financial inclusion crypto economics service, not simply another mobile wallet for storing and sending cryptocurrency and converting for local currencies.

    Humaniq is developing a technology ecosystem and incubator that will strengthen its app product roll out. The app offers an open source API that will be available for startups to provide services to the large, untapped market of the unbanked. Humaniq plans with their partners to provide the full-range of financial services in 2018: micro-credit, business finance, insurance, an in-app marketplace for buying and selling.

    The agenda for Humaniq HQ1 Meetup:

    • Humaniq top level roadmap presentation — Dinis Guarda, CEO, Strategy, Co- Founder
    • Product Humaniq Lite presentation — Anton Mozgovoy, VP Technology
    • Marketing and operations — Zeeshan Mallick, CMO
    • Humaniq Pilot Africa — Ghana — Dickson Nsofor, VP Business Development
    • Investor Relations — Valeriya Zaychuk, VP Investor Relations
    • A session on ‘Blockchain for Good’ with special guest speakers:
    • Katia Elizarova, Fashion model and Kiva ambassador
    • Nana Ocran, a London-based writer specialising in contemporary African culture
    • Tim Campbell, Social entrepreneur behind the Bright Ideas Trust, and The Apprentice winner
    • Thomas Power, Entrepreneur, Board member and leading Digital / Blockchain author / influencer.

    Join the event HERE

    For more information contact:

    Contact person: Dinis Guarda, CEO. Strategy and co-founder

    Humaniq Website

    Humaniq Youtube

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